mp3tag v2.70 gfx problems

hello florian

i tried the new version 2.70 but i have some icon problems here with windows 8.1
the toolbar looks not so good like in the former one V2.6x etc.
i made some snapshots to show you what i mean.



also, since i use winodws 8 i always have a bad looking taskbar icon of mp3tag.

my sceen-resolution is 1920x1080 and i changed the size of all items to medium = 125%

what can i do to fix it?

thanks a lot

Why are major changes like this not being beta tested???

The release cycle for Mp3tag has become a little haphazard, to put it nicely.

With v2.70 on win8.1 at 1920x1080, and have also changed the size of all items to 125%...
The icons, both taskbar and toolbar, look fine on my system.
However, with v2.70 the Tag Panel's minimum width has increased, thus reducing space for data columns. I have always felt the Tag Panel's minimum width was just a bit too wide, but this is even more so. I'll just stick with v2.69... problem solved, but thought it might be something you would want to know/look at/consider.


you installed mp3tag at "program files(x86)"?

if you rename the mp3tag.exe (ex. mp3tag_269.exe)
and run the renamed file maybe you can see the same
bad icon like i have in the taskbar?!

i have mp3tag installed on usb-harddisk(1TB) like i done with foobar2000
and all of my mp3-files. simple to be mobile and to play my favorite
music on any PC.

i found out when mp3tag is installed on my usb-harddisk or installed
in windows program files folder but renamed there. i always get
the bad looking taskbar icon for both v2.69 and v2.70.

but for v2.70 the toolbar icons looking very bad. here it doesn't help
to install the program in the standard "program files" folder!
only the problem with the bad looking taskbar icon could be solved.