Mp3tag v2.74a released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.74!

The new year has started great — I had some highly productive time for working on Mp3tag over the past couple of weeks. Here's a quick summary of what's new.

Support for HTTPS in Web Sources Framework
Since more an more APIs are changing their access methods to require authentication or to be HTTPS-only, this version adds support for secure connections to web sources via HTTPS. This is a rather huge change since the complete HTTP connection part has been replaced in the course of this update.

Discogs access via HTTPS
As a prominent example of the changes described above, Discogs announced to be available via HTTPS only starting from March 14. The official Discogs web source of Mp3tag has been updated to use HTTPS with this update. In the background, I've already changed the Mp3tag Discogs image cache that is used to provide Discogs images to Mp3tag users to use HTTPS as well.

Support for Podcast Keywords
Mp3tag becomes more and more popular in the podcast community and already supports a variety of podcast-related tag fields (e.g., podcast category, podcast description, podcast ID and podcast URL). This version adds support for podcast keywords via the PODCASTKEYWORDS field for ID3v2 and MP4 tags.

Compatibility Improvements for ID3v2 Comments
When it comes to ID3v2 comments, iTunes and Windows Media Player seem not to like each other very much. While iTunes requires the ID3v2 comment language to be set to 'eng' (English), Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer need the comment language set to the language of the Windows version that is running. Otherwise, the comments are simply not shown in these applications. In the past Mp3tag offered a quite tedious via editing the language file to circumvent these compatibility issue. With this version, the ID3v2 comment language can be set via a configuration dialog which is available via Options > Tags > Advanced and will preserved also when installing new versions of Mp3tag. So no more fiddling in the language files for you.

You can download the new version from

Enjoy and be well!


I've just released Mp3tag v2.74a as a hotfix release for an authentication issue with Discogs, which was introduced with the last version.

Thanks to everyone who reported the issue!

Kind regards