Mp3tag v2.78 released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.78!

Lots of you asked for AIF/AIFF support over the last couple of months (even years, my first reference goes back to 2008) – and today is the day :smiley: The main new feature of this new version is support for the AIFF file format.

I was also traveling Norway and made a kind of three-week sabbatical from Mp3tag. That means for me to take a break from daily support email, no checking of Mp3tag's Twitter and Facebook feeds (Google+ is yet too quiet), not reading all the interesting, helpful and controversial discussions of the Forums (seriously, I’m so amazed by this thriving community and how you make this a lively place here), and – most importantly – not doing the actual work of developing Mp3tag and working with its code base.

I really loved the vast fjords in the west, hiking the mountains (which some still had plenty of snow) and living the simple life with a tent. It’s a BEAUTIFUL country.

But after three weeks, when I came back, I took my computer and started to catch up. I noticed, that even when I was away, lots of people downloaded the app, subscribed to the newsletter and got help online.

It’s wonderful to create value for you, even if I’m not at my desk working and it’s great that you’re still here :slight_smile:

You can download the new version from

As always, enjoy and take care
– Florian

Working great as usual. But one strange happened on 2 pc's (from the 2 I did upgrade :wink: ). On both PC's it was asking to Reboot Now, or Reboot later ? Normally, it doesn't ask this (if I am right ?).

Both PC's are Windows 10.

This depends on whether you ticked to get the Explorer context menu (shell extension) or not. If you did, you have to restart.