Mp3tag v2.81 released


I've just released Mp3tag v2.81!

This version comes with a wide variety of changes, most notably:

Support for Portable Installation and Admin-Elevation
A long-requested feature of many users was a portable installation of Mp3tag, i.e., a installation that installs in one directory and also stores its configuration settings in this directory. This is now possible. And if you choose the standard installation, Mp3tag automatically elevates the process to the necessary user rights (after asking you, of course).

Support for iTunes Grouping Field
As mentioned in the release notes of Mp3tag v2.80, iTunes was writing the grouping information to its internal database only. With an updated version of iTunes, this information is now written to a new iTunes-specific ID3v2 field which is available in Mp3tag via the field name GROUPING.

Furthermore, this version fixes some issues which were reported during the last months as denoted in the history of changes.

You can download the new version from

As always, enjoy and take care
– Florian

iTunes: Neues Feld "GROUPING"