Mp3tag v3.11 released

Mp3tag v3.11 released

I had my birthday last week and spent the day outside in surprisingly warm and sunny autumnal nature :fallen_leaf: :sunny: What a beautiful present!

As a present for you, I've just released Mp3tag v3.11 and wanted to outline some of the new features and changes:

Cover preview on the Tag Panel

It can be difficult to inspect the quality and details of the embedded cover directly
from the cover window of the Tag Panel. To alleviate this, I've added a larger cover preview
available via double click on the cover on the Tag Panel.

Icon in Windows Explorer context menu

A long-standing feature wish for many: Mp3tag's Explorer context-menu entry now has an icon and is easier to recognize.

Windows 11 context menu

The new Windows 11 Explorer context menu caught many by surprise. Existing context menu extensions were only available via a Show more options... entry, which meant an extra indirection to something that's supposed to speed up interaction.
I've now implemented all the extra steps that are necessary to appear in the top-level context menu and things should be back to comfortable again.

:rocket: Download the new version

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As always, thank you for reading, your interest and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • added cover preview via double click on the cover on the Tag Panel. (#14839, #18769, #44340, #45362, #50462, #53985)
  • added menu icon to Explorer context menu shell extension (requires restart to be updated if already installed and in use).
  • added support for new Windows 11 context menu. (#54629, #54833)
  • added support for cover types other than Front and Back for APEv2 using Cover Art (type) as naming scheme. (#54604)
  • added support for MP4 fields NARRATOR and PUBLISHER.


  • position of most dialogs is remembered now. (#52524)
  • choosing portable installation won't remove desktop and start-menu shortcuts anymore. (#54693)
  • reflect that option to include development builds on checking for updates is always enabled when using a development build. (#54685)
  • WAV and AIFF files with extra null bytes at end of RIFF chunks are now read despite these inconsistencies.

Bug Fixes

  • cover art with same size in bytes and different content were not reported as different covers at Tag Panel and Extended Tag Dialog. (#54602)
  • editing tag fields in extended tag dialog did not refresh background in dark mode (since v3.08a). (#54611)
  • ensured that no duplicates are listed in the Tag Panel genres list and changed the default example for user-defined genres to Audio Drama on new installs. (#54631)
  • focus was lost from Tag Panel in some cases when navigating to next/previous file via Ctrl+N/Ctrl+Shift+N and file was saved (since v3.07a). (#53863)
  • position of progress dialog was not always remembered. (#52524)
  • read-only file attribute was silently removed when writing tags (since v3.05a). (#54812)
  • regression regarding background color in light mode (since v3.08a). (#54674)
  • writing cover art of the same type resulted in identical APEv2 field names which are not allowed according to the specification. (#54604)

Hi, Florian, happy birthday and many more to come.

I would like to post an issue I am having with v 3.11. Mp3tag is no longer available in the context menu. I am using Directory Opus as my main file browser instead of WIndows Explorer. Don't want to go back to 3.08 as I am hoping it will be fixed.

Sent you a tiny gift. If I ever make it big, I will become a patron. Thanks so much for being the type of developer of which this world needs more! :heartpulse:

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Thank you!

Is it showing in Windows Explorer? Because that's the main idea of the Explorer Shell Extension :slight_smile:

If Opus is showing the extension of the previous version, you could try this from a command prompt with administrative rights

cd <path to Mp3tag installation>
regsvr32 Mp3tagShell.dll

Thank you, Mario! Also for the kind feedback :blush:

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Wonderful, this worked, thanks!

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Thanx Florian!
Now I can upgrade to 3.11.
The absence in the context menu in Directory Opus I could not accept and had gone back to 3.10.

Kannst du bitte die alte Mac Version zum Download noch bereitstellen? Habe die neue Version zwar gekauft, aber Sie ist ohne WebSources Script für WSI einfach wertlos.