Mp3tag v3.11h Runtime Error

After upgrading from v3.11f3 to 3.11h, the first run encountered an error.

File:	y:\projects\_main\szipfile.cpp
Line:	343
Term:	pfileIn != NULL
Code:	0x00000000

The application encountered an unexpected exception
and is in
an undefined state. Please close the application and
send the


I didn't try much, but attempting to tag my files with a script wouldn't work (tag sources buttons wouldn't do anything, no popup, no activity, just a broken button, the whole UI probably was dead at this point). I restarted the program which unfortunately overwrote the log file so the above error is all I have.

After restarting, the program seems to be working fine again now.

This happened either when closing Mp3tag or when saving the configuration manually.

Mp3tag encountered an unexpected exception when writing to the the resulting ZIP file, which can be due to external programs or Windows blocking access or really just anything. Moving this to #bug-reports:no-bugs as it doesn't really describe an issue I can anyhow fix.

Then it may have been related to running the installer, then closing Mp3tag, then confirming to install, but since I closed the program before actually installing, I thought it would be fine.

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