Mp3tag v3.12 released

Mp3tag v3.12 released

Welcome to 2022! It’s my wish that the year has started well for you and that it has something new to offer.

I've just released Mp3tag v3.12 and wanted to outline some of the new features and changes:

Microsoft Store version with context menu

The Microsoft Store version now also comes with a Explorer context-menu extension so that there should be no real differences between the Store version and the standalone version anymore.

MusicBrainz Cover Size

Album covers imported from MusicBrainz can be quite large in their original size (up to several MB). I've now added an configuration option at Options → Tag Sources to choose the size from 250px, 500px, 1200px, and Original.

Open in Windows File Explorer

It's now possible to open files in Explorer from within Mp3tag. This was previously only possible via a user-defined tool at Options → Tools and is now officially built-in — including file selection in Explorer.

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As always, thank you for reading, your interest and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

Additional Features and Fixes

New Features

  • added context-menu extension for Microsoft Store version. (#41289, #42546, #42775, #43148, #43427, #44043, #51533)
  • added configuration option to disable context-menu extension for Microsoft Store version.
  • added option to configure MusicBrainz cover size at 'Options > Tag Sources'. (#55661)
  • added option to open configuration folder via 'File > Open configuration folder'.
  • added option to open files in Explorer via 'File > Open in Explorer' or context menu.
  • added note if running Portable or Microsoft Store version to about dialog.
  • added _DIRECTORY and _FILENAME as listed fields for converter 'Tag - Tag'.
  • added trim command to Web Sources Framework. (#53276, #55491)


  • improved scrolling behavior on Tag Panel. (#46256)
  • improved live preview of converter 'Tag - Tag'.
  • changed action dialog 'Remove fields' to be resizable. (#55784)
  • changed action dialog 'Remove fields except' to be resizable. (#55784)

Bug Fixes

  • customize from Tag Panel context menu opened wrong preferences dialog (since v3.10). (#55024)
  • Tag Panel showed metadata for one file only in rare cases, even if multiple files were selected (since v3.11b). (#55063)
  • labels for some Tag Panel fields are not updated when switching to certain languages.
  • covers with transparent background were drawn with an overlay effect on Tag Panel and Extended Tags Dialog. (#55170)
  • progress bar was showing a smaller position in some cases when handling large numbers of files.
  • remembered dialog sizes resulted in dialog contents partly invisible in certain situations. (#55129)
  • random redrawing glitches in dark colors if system is in Dark Mode and app-internal appearance is set to Light. (#54960)
  • runtime error when changing file selection while writing is in progress. (#54892)
  • performance issue that in some cases looked like the app was hanging after loading of files (since v3.11b).
  • renaming directories via action 'Format value' allowed to create names with leading whitespace which is not allowed on Windows. (#55143)
  • export configurations cannot be edited in Microsoft Store version. (#52425, #53308)
  • menu item Help → Donate did not work :man_facepalming:


FYI: I uninstalled the standalone version (kept my settings) and installed the Windows Store version -- the context menu item did not show up until I restarted Windows Explorer (right-click->restart in Task Manager; log out or reboot would have also worked).

Thanks for getting that in, was the only hold-up for me. :slight_smile: