Mp3tag v3.17 released

Mp3tag v3.17 released

I've just released Mp3tag v3.17 and wanted to outline some of the new features and changes:

Configuration option to set startup folder to empty, previous, or favorite

You can now specify the startup behavior of Mp3tag. Empty starts with an empty File List. Previous starts with the folder which was loaded the last time you've used Mp3tag. Favorite lets you choose a explicit folder that is loaded on startup.

Contextual cover operations available via Edit → Cover

The various operations that handle cover art were always available via the context menu on the cover window — but only to those who know and can see the cover. This new menu entry on the main menu makes cover handling more accessible and possible to use via keyboard only.

Configuration option to prefer genres from tags in the list at Tag Panel

The genre field was always special among the default fields and always listed the standard genres also when selecting multiple files. This new option now enables listing genres from tags — and shows the standard genres only if the files don't have a genre set.

Selection and rearranging of multiple actions in action group edit dialog

A relief for everyone working with large action groups — Mp3tag's way of allowing for repeatable workflows. The edit dialog now offers rearranging of multiple actions via keyboard and even via drag&drop.

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As always, thank you for reading, your interest and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

Additional Features and Fixes

New Features

  • added option to set startup folder to empty, previous, or favorite.
  • added option to prefer genres from tags in list at Tag Panel.
  • added contextual cover operations to main menu at Edit → Cover.
  • added support for selection and rearranging of multiple actions in action group edit dialog. (#48422)


  • added CATALOGNUMBER to list of default fields for new installations. (#57717)
  • added digital signature to Explorer shell extension.
  • updated TAK to 2.3.3 and added 64-bit support.
  • use natural sorting for metadata field names at Tag Sources confirmation dialog. (#57572)
  • updated Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese-CN, Czech, Hebrew, Italian, Slovak, and Spanish translation.

Bug Fixes

  • dark mode wasn't properly detected on Windows 10 build 19045.
  • direct editing field in file list was applied to wrong file when simultaneously filtering by changing filter over unfocused filter via via mouse scroll wheel. (#57638)
  • filter deleted via manage lists dialog remained active. (#57602)
  • ID3v1 genre number at ID3v2 TCON frame was not translated for ID3v2.4. (#57855)
  • issue in File Explorer shell extension under Windows 11 were nothing happens in rare cases due to an internal error visible through the Windows Event Log. (#57575)
  • leftovers in 32-bit registry view were not removed when installing 64-bit version (since v3.16).
  • manage lists dialog extended selection when ticking checkmark. (#57483)
  • manage lists dialog still showed items that were previously deleted via Shift+Del. (#57545)
  • removing files with non-natively supported file extensions was not reflected in file list. (#57763)
  • runtime error when deleting filter expressions and format strings in some cases (since v3.16a). (#57704)
  • selection at action group dialog always included previously selected action group when adding or duplicating action groups.

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