Mp3tag v3.20 tag panel options with MP3tag under Wine

In Options -> Tag-Panel the check marks for visibility change randomly when I move tags. If I move a tag to the end of the list an "Encountered an improper argument" error shows up.

I tried the following:
Pressed Ctrl+O, selected "Tag panel".
There I selected the entry 3rd from the bottom and
clicked on the down-arrow-button until the selected item reached the bottom.
And there it stayed, no error message.

I also can't reproduce the issue at the moment. Have you manually edited your usrfields.ini? If not, can you share it or describe in more detail what you do to trigger the error?

I reproduced my actions and made screenshots. The error occured when I pushed tag "RecDetailUUID" below tag "Links". Then I reversed and saved. Tag "Links" lost its checkmark. If I push more tags around checkmarks change randomly.

Screenshot of error:

Screenshot of changed checkmark (appears after save):

My system (mp3tag with wine works for years):
AMD Ryzen 9
Linux 6.2.9
Wine 8.4 64bit
Mp3tag 3.20 64bit

My userfields.ini (many custom tags for my classical music database > 800'000 files): (1.1 KB)

I've tried that under Windows 10 and can't reproduce the issue. Is anyone else seeing this? Otherwise it's possible that it's a Wine-specific issue.

I tested my portable installation from Windows 10 in a virtual machine and shared folders and it worked without problems. Then I started Mp3tag under wine with error log and there were "fixme" errors with "SHGetDataFromIDListW". Seems to be a wine problem, so you can stop here.

Thank you