Mp3tag v3.21 released

Mp3tag v3.21 released

I've just released Mp3tag v3.21 and wanted to outline some of the new features and changes:


The new Redo menu and toolbar items allows for redoing the last undone operation. It can prove helpful if you need to inspect and compare the effects of specific operations or when you simply realize that the thing you've just undid was actually exactly what you wanted.


Repeat allows for, well, repeating the last action or action group. If you have a lot of action groups and don't want to navigate through the menus or simply want to apply the last used action to a new set of files, this new feature becomes handy.

Please note that this new features shares the same menu item, toolbar item, and keyboard shortcut with the Redo feature.

Detecting installed versions with different architecture 32-bit/64-bit

This new version detects if you're updating using a different architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) than the version currently installed. If so, the installer prompts you to either uninstall the current version and install or update using the matching installer.

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As always, thank you for reading, your interest and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

P.S. It's also Mp3tag's 23rd anniversary this week :raised_hands: :partying_face: :pray: