mp3tag Vs. foobar2000 when using MusicBrainz

Hello, I've an album made of flac tracks which I want to tag. I removed every tag with foobar2000.

Then I applied tag in foobar2000 through foo_musicbrainz. Result:

Then I removed all tags, and applied them using mp3tag and MusicBrainz. Result:

To much surprise, foobar2000 worked much better than mp3tag with MusicBrainz. mp3tag is missing many MusicBrainz tags.

Question: how do I fix this so that mp3tag receive all tags as foobar2000 does?

Thank you!

Which Web Source Script do you use to get the MusicBrainz tags into your flac files?

Uhm, I've to try it. Thank you! I've been using the predefined script included in the original mp3tag release.