mp3tag vs mediamonkey 'Track Volume'

In mediamonkey, theres a column option to view 'Track Volume' which I believe is some sort of hidden volume normalization done onto the mp3. I can't seem to get this value to be shown in mp3tag. I went to customize column -> value -> information fields and I can't seem to find that option.

Is there any way to view this normalization value in mp3tag?

My 2nd question is I've been organizing my music and a lot of it came from before I was knowledgeable in mp3 tagging. Most of my albums have similar tag sizes (maybe plus/minus 100), but this one album has large variation (badmotorfinger). As you can see in the picture, some tag sizes are around 32778 and some are around 43000. Does this mean that the original uploader gathered the mp3s from different sources?

Thank you very much for your help!

You should open the Extended Tags Dialogue (Alt-T) to see if this is stored in a user-defined field.

Also, as this media monkey, you should check if some tags have been written as APE tags. So, depending on your MP3tag setting in Tools>Options>Mpeg you might not read APE tags.

Who knows ... or they have been tagged at different times ... and then from different sources.
I think that that what you see is the cover size and not the tag size. The tag as such would include text and picture data. The tag then is divided in fields.

First thing I do when I edit my tags is check the Extended Tags and remove everything but the most essential. So, in this case, there is no user-defined field for the volume normalization.

And I just checked "read APE tags" and there are no noticeable changes in the extended tags.

Also, about the tag sizes, would you say that the more likely scenario is that the mp3s came from different sources?

Thank you for the info. It's been very helpful