mp3Tag vs Windows 10 explorer Tag

Is there a complete list to understand which are the corresponding TAGs that can be inserted in Mp3tag and the direct corresponding in the tags that can be set in the windows explorer columns?
Except basic ones, Author, title, year, bpm, genre, comment,
I can only set the respective Copyright and Composer ...
Wanting to extend the fields (having more columns to enter my information) but I don't always find the corresponding "working" ....

Example I have the DATE field in mp3tag that does not find a match in explorer, or release date or acquisition date, date
archiving ...

There is practically a date of last modification and a creation date of the file ... which as I understand the creation date cannot be changed via mp3tag.
My intent is to transport the values ​​of the DATE field (release date of an mp3) in a readable field such as creation date, acquisition date etc ...

but what I write in mp3tag I can't always recall them in the windows explorer view

AFAIK the field DATE is a user-defined one. Stanard fields for time information are YEAR and RELEASETIME.

I set in the RELEASETIME field in mp3tag, but then in the explorer the "release date" field does not show me the entered data ...

releasetime format: AAAA-MM-GGThh:mm:ss (2021-07-24T17:41:22)
pity that this is the accepted format, I needed the European format 24/07/2021 without the timing.

ps: putting the date in the Composer field, if I insert the date format 07/24/2021 the slash acts as a tag separator for me so it appears in explorer 24; 07; 2021. is there a way to define another character as a separator?

Yes, the slash or backslash and the semicolon are interpreted as field separator in composer (and artist and genre) by WMP or the explorer.
So as you see that there is so much trouble to get those WIndows programs to show the data in a decent way, I would seriously consider to leave them as they are and not use them as music managing programs any more.

To transform the date into something gullible in a format string:

yes but I already generate the date with the - (05-10-2021) ... it was the only feasible way.

PS: but I noticed that the comment field accepts / without dividing them into tags ...

True. In this respect Windows is rather clever - it only offers the divider where there could be several entries, like in fields ARTIST, GENRE, COMPOSER. it does not work in ALBUMARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM.