Mp3tag window gets blocked when using a Tools entry to switch from filehandler

I often do such operation:
#1] see that some file on the list in main window of Mp3tag is in a wrong DIRECTORY
#2] highlight that file
#3] execute with pressing of CTRL + 1 a shortcut from an entry set at File > Options > Tools in order to open in FreeCommander that file in its location
#4] cut that file out, either with CTRL + X or by selecting right click menu entry Cut
#5] switch back to Mp3tag, either with Left Alt + Tab or by clicking its icon on Taskbar
#6] choose another file that happens to be in a different / proper DIRECTORY
#7] use the same Tools shortcut to open in FreeCommander that different location
#8] paste that wrongly allocated file, either with CTRL + V or by selecting right click menu entry Paste

Unfortunately I have noticed that recently every dozens of times or so when I am trying to go from step #4 to #5, my Mp3tag gets blocked. And it seems that if Left Alt + Tab is not working then clicking of the icon will help - and the other way around. But sometimes nothing helps and I have to re-open Mp3tag, which of course breaks my workflow. And usually after experiencing such blocking, it will often repeat itself either the next time I perform that while operation - thus I often re-open Mp3tag right away after experiencing of that first blocking

That Tool of mine is configured as

Name: FreeCommander XE
Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeCommander XE\FreeCommander.exe
Parameter: -T -R="%_PATH%"

And recently I have not changed anything in my system - except from upgrading Mp3tag from version to 3.14c to [currently] 3.16 x64. I am running FreeCommander XE 2022 Build 861 32-bit public on Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 19042.746

So, you don't know what is going on in your (very) special setup, it looks as though it takes a lot of attempts to reproduce the behaviour.
What do you expect from other members of the forum?

I thought a reasoning behind my post was obvious

I am waiting for others users to report, if they also encountered some kind of [maybe also inconstant] blocking of Mp3tag window since they upgraded to newer versions. It may be today and concern specifically FreeCommander or it might be a week from now in conjunction with Total Commander - it does not mater for a confirmation of such hypothetical bug, if its source is Mp3tag