Mp3Tag - WineBottler - Player music choice


Thanks you for your idea about different problem, now Mp3tag work perfectly and i understand more the software :rolleyes:

Now i use Mp3tag 2.5.4 with Playonmac 4.1 that's work perfectly 100% :laughing:

It's possible run VLC with mp3tagwine? The sceen pictures it's for exemple to my PC

But i have some little problem with the .exe, i would like listen my music to the software, i go to Mp3tag option/Outils/Standard Program/ News, i put mediaplayer.exe (i download before for try it)
that's dosen't work, i search the good .exe for work with mp3tagwine??

I think i mistake, it's my firstime for use winebottler or playonmac, i think i forget the good place to do that

Lecteur Z/ ? ?

Sorry about my dummy question, i search i try many solution :book: :flushed:

Do you understand me, i no speak english very well :laughing: <_<
Can you help me please :unsure: ?


For a Windows system, this tool will play one file with VLC if you double click the file in Mp3Tag.

As you can see in the screenshot, the Parameters are:

"%_path%"<b>You may have to use single quotes on a Mac.</b>

If that works, you could try these Parameters:

--no-playlist-autostart --playlist-enqueue --one-instance "%_path%"and select "for all selected files"

Then, when using the tool via the context menu, all selected files will be loaded into one VLC playlist in the stopped mode.

The added parameters are command line options for VLC. There are hundreds from which to choose.