MP3Tag & Winebottler

I'm just wondering if anyone is using MP3Tag on a Mac using Winebottler. I've tried their bottled version and the install crashes. I tried bottling my own version with the MP3Tag Wine Tricks, and that install crashes. (Seems like the same problem) I have had moderate success bottling my own version, without any Wine Tricks, but when I run MP3Tag, it will only read 310 files of my 6000+ file collection. Also, the Tag field displays ID3v2 tags have are bad. Also cover art doesn't display. I haven't really played that much with it because of the obvious problems.

So, I'm curious if anyone has tried this method, and are you successful running MP3Tag this way? If so, how did you get your success??


Hello Mike,

have you tried one of the official packages from ?

Kind regards

I wasn't aware of these! Will give it a go when I'm home from work.

Thanks Florian!

Thanks for the heads up Florian. I must have been having issues with my installation of Wine, the version without wine included acted the same as previous installs. Tried the version with wine included, and my issues disappeared!

Thanks again.