mp3taq.wlx Configuration


I have downloaded the plugin for Total Commander: mp3tag.wlx 0.98
The version of Total Commander I am using is: 6.03a.
I managed to activate the plugin but I want to configure it in my native language.
Does anyone know how to do this?
Thanks for any answer:)


Hi Panos,

you can set the language of the plugin via the [mp3tag] section in your lsplugin.ini, e.g. language=mp3tag_english
Best regards,
~ Florian


Where can I find this file?
I looked in the folder where I have my wincmd.ini and the lsplugin.ini is not there!


The lsplugin.ini is normally located in wincmd.ini's folder. I've attached you my configuration file, which should work for you too.

~ Florian (190 Bytes)


In the afternoon I will send also my translation for my native language (greek-hellenic).


I just finished the translation!
Looking forward to seeing it published:) (311 Bytes)