Mp4 chapter list messes up

I've build an mp4 (AVC/AAC) and added a chapter list to it. MediaInfo shows it as "menu".
But if I write tags with mp3tag to the file, the chapter list gets duplicatet. MediaInfo shows them als Menu#1 and Menu#2.

When I remove the tags with mp3 tags, the menu gets removed, but in the file an empty track is left. MediaInfo shows it as "Text".

OK, I went back until Version 2.91. There the chapter list stay untouched. After the installation of V2.92, the duplication problem begins.
Is this really possible that this "bug" is here since three years? Or is this a kind of programm compatibility (anti) feature? I could not find a hint in the history.

There are some hints about chapters in the changelog for v2.92:

Unfortunately, I don't use this feature.

Maybe @Florian can tell you more about, if this changes are also valid for mp4 (AVC/AAC) and your reported chapter list behaviour.

Oh, OK. This list is much more detailed than the one who appears after the installation.
I would say this could be attached to #17978. There are diffrent types of chapter list afaik Nero has some "specialities".
So this is a compatibility feature? Unfortunately this creates some problem with chapter editors. So my tested tools one only changes the first "copy" of the chapter list, as result the list get messed up when I write back the change chapter list.

OK, it's not a bug, it's a "feature"... not really. Some or most of the chapter editors does not support this "second" version of chapters, aka NERO chapters. Unfortunately there is no option to disable this behaviour in mp3tag? Personally I don't like this, I don't want to get this forced into my mp4.
My work around is to use ffmpeg with "-movflags disable_chpl" to get rid of it.

So this thing changes from bug to a feature request to disable the chapter conversion, independent in which direction.