MP4 cover art changing help

I need some help with changing cover art for my mp4 files. there is (2) ways I know how to do this but the second way is longer.

(1) If you are changing cover art for a (TV) show then the cover art is the cover art for all the episodes based on the show. Example if the first season has (10) episodes you can select the (10) files at once and change the cover art for the (10) files at once.

(2) If you are changing cover art for movies you need to select each one and then move on to the next. But you need to save each one first and then move on. Is there a way to auto save so you don't have to.

Otherwise I need to select the file and then change the cover art and then save the file and then go to the next one and so on. Is there a way I can save it without saving it. Some of these files take a minute or two to save and then I get side tracked renaming the files.

Ii use notepad++ to rename the video files and then I use media companion to gather information and cover art (POSTERS) and then I use mp3tag to add the cover art (POSTERS) to the mp4 files. But with going back and forth I get a bit sidetracked.

I would like to have the file hold the cover art without saving it and then save them all at once is anything like this possible.

If the cover files have a name that can be created using variables and text constants, then if should be possible to load each cover file into the corresponding mp4 file.
e.g. if the filename of the cover file is like the TITLE, then you could use an action of the type "Import cover from file" with the
Format string: %title%.jpg
Depending on the folder structure you may have to add the path to the file.