MP4 length of first chapter is displayed if chapter display is disabled

I have found another tag for MP4 files that is not correct: "length" I verified it was working on 2.91. I will be glad to test a fix at some point if you have one.

Thank you.

Can you describe what you've observed and what you've expected and possibly also provide an example file?

Sure. I have a column showing the total time of an MP4, %length%. Previously, it would show the total length of the MP4 video (i.e. around 2 hours). As of 2.92, it started to show very short lengths (seem to be different between MP4 files) on the order of a few minutes/seconds. I will see if I can create a short video that shows the problem for you, but hope this information helps you get started.

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OK, based on your description I think I found the issue. It's showing the length of the first chapter of the file if the MP4 file has chapters.

I'll fix it to the next release and keep you posted. Thanks for reporting!

I've fixed this with Mp3tag 2.93a. Thanks again for reporting!

Thank you very much for fixing the issue. I verified it fixed the issue I encountered.

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