MP4 Publisher compatibility

On version 3.11 support for the MP4 field PUBLISHER was added:

[2021-10-29] REL: VERSION 3.11 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
[2021-10-20] NEW: added support for MP4 fields NARRATOR and PUBLISHER.

That means that the Mp3tag name PUBLISHER is now saved to the MP4 frame "©pub" instead of "" (as described in Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation). This leads to an incompatibility with other software (e.g. foobar2000, MediaInfo), which expect the publisher to be on the MP4 frame "".

I thought that I could solve this incompatibility by using a user-defined mapping (Mapping – Mp3tag Documentation). So far I have tried the following without success (Tag: Source => Target):

  • No mapping: PUBLISHER written to "©pub"
  • MP4: ©pub => PUBLISHER: PUBLISHER written to "©pub"
  • MP4: pub => PUBLISHER: PUBLISHER written to ""
  • MP4: => PUBLISHER: PUBLISHER written to ""

In general, it seems that mapping a Mp3tag name to a custom field for MP4 saves it to "":


So the "correct" mapping would be "MP4: PUBLISHER => PUBLISHER", which does not work (does not save anything).

Funnily enough, without any mapping, Mp3tag does read the PUBLISHER from the frame "" but, on saving, it deletes the frame "" and writes to "©pub".

Is there any way to map the Mp3tag name PUBLISHER to the MP4 frame ""?

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