MP4 tags & iTunes


I'm trying to do some editing of tags on MP4 video files. Some work great, some give me the dreaded "file "blahblah.mp4" can not be opened for writing" error.

These files do not show me any tag information in MP3Tag (I am using 2.49)

However, if I drop the file into iTunes, I can see the tag and edit it without a problem.

It is like the bug in Not possible edit/read tag from some mp4 VIDEO file, videos encoded with badaboom are not possible change tag with mp3tag

Technical info:
I am using Mp3tag 2.49 via Wine on OSX Lion. My friend who first showed me the problem is using same version on Windows XP.

I am not sure what else to provide, so let me know.


Yes, it's probably like the other issue. mp4 file format is rather complex.

It might work if you remux the mp4 file to a new file. You can try these tools: