MP4 tags on a PlayStation 3

Hello everybody.
I use a PS3 to see home video taken from Upnp Twonky server.
On the PS3, all the video files show a "1/1/1900" date.
There is the possibility to know the exact tag to modify with mp3tag?
%date%, %time% doesn't work.
Any ideas? I know only that the PS3 use the standard 3gpp tags.
Thanks in advance

Luigi, Rome, Italy

The date must be in the format: YYYY-MM-DDT12:00:00Z
In mp3tag, the attribute for MP4 files is: YEAR

You may want to use my IMDB Web Script and actions, which is posted here:
[WS] imdb

Thank you very much Edrikk!!!! It's work perfectly!

Where I can find this kind of information?
..and If one want to add the cover? One solution can be to take the picture from thumbs.db.
It is difficult?

Thanks again.
Luigi, Rome, Italy.