MP4 videos files not loading

I am sure MP4 videos used to load and tag. Is there something unusual with this sample file that prevents MP3TAG from loading it?

thanks in advance.

It's hard to tell from afar. You could send me a link to a direct download (e.g., via Dropbox or another cloud storage you might already be using) and I can have a detailed look.

This is an MPEG-TS file, unsupported by Mp3tag.

thanks Florian, perhaps it could be implemented down the track.

If you don't need the low latency of TS, you could use something like FFMPEG to remux it into a proper MP4 container.

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I've double checked and found MPEG-TS commonly used by several major streaming providers for music videos, concerts and not to forget the native broadcast standard for DVB-T.

I can understand it may not be possible to implement it into mp3tag, so I will follow the advice and remux into a supported format.

thanks for your assistance.

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