MRU List

Is it possible to 'clean' the MRU directory list? If not, can this feature be added?

Not individually. You can delete the mp3tag.cfg file (and loose a couple of other settings as well).

Nah, no good... I've customised it way too much to suit my needs now. Not redoing it all.

Oh well... maybe you can make the drop down recognise the 'delete' key to remove. Not sure how hard that is to implement, but a small suggestion for the list. :slight_smile:

This capability would be useful. I managed to do it by editing the Users...\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\mp3tag.cfg file with a hex editor and changing a letter of the path. The next time mp3tag loads, it removes nonexistent paths from the list. Be sure to save a copy of the mp3tag.cfg first in case something goes wrong. If the .cfg file were a text file, editing it would be easier.

I advise against editing the configuration file manually.

You can delete individual entries from this list simply via Shift + Del.

I didn't know about that. I see it now. I first tried it with the desired entry highlighted in the dropdown list, but found that I needed to actually select that entry and then press Shift+Del. Thanks for that capability.

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