MTA Converter

Here is a tool for converting MTA files (MP3Tag Actions) to a forum-friendly format. Simply open a MTA file, select the desired language, copy the output into the clipboard and paste it here. Have fun! :smiley:

PS: I included the Visual Basic source code, in case someone wants it. (28 KB)

New version is up. It contains support for the new cover-related actions and can also deal with unicode. You need .NET Framework 2.0 for the new version.

This new version supports the new MTA file format with BOM.

Small update: if an action-set file contains only one action, "Action #1" will no longer be printed to screen.

I just uploaded a new version that should hopefully work with all Mp3tag actions.

Added support for newly introduced action type "Split fields by separator".

Link seems to be redirecting to a domain parking site. Is there another source for this, or is it no longer needed?

Sorry, totally forgot about MTA Converter when I sold my domains. The download link should be fine now.

I've attached an icon file for your short-cuts if anyone wants one. I did :stuck_out_tongue: