MTG files

I had (I estimate) probably 30,000 bytes worth of scripts programmed into MP3Tag that helped me tag my enormous classical music collection with perfect consistency (the CDDB database is incredibly inconsistent). I got my actions to the point where they would replace a filename like this:

mendelssohn piano concerto #2 in G minor op 3 - mvt 3 allegro


Mendelssohn - Piano Concerto No. 2 in Gm, Op. 3 (III - Allegro)

I thought I was being safe (backing up my many MANY hours of work developing these actions) by selecting "Save Configuration" from the "Utils" button of the Action Groups window (alt-5). Too bad I never bothered to look at the fact that the .mtg file it was saving was only a little over 700 bytes. I guess I just assumed "save configuration" was backing up the actions. :frowning:

Now (just out of curiosity) I've tried to do something with the .mtg file to see whatever the heck it does, and I can't figure it out. There is no "import configuration" option in the actions window. The actions folder has .mta files, not .mtg, so putting the file there doesn't do anything. Does anyone know what good this .mtg file is going to do me?

And to the author: I would like to enthusiastically beg for you to program in a future version of MP3Tag backup and restore features from the file menu that not only back up all configuration settings including custom tag fields on display on the left, column configuration, etc. but also action groups and actions. I would have to think this would be fairly easy to do since "backing up" would only have to be a matter of copying files to a folder of the user's choice, and "restoring" would be a matter of having the user browse to find the folder with the backed up files.

I am more than capable of copying the Mp3tag folder with a backup program and restoring it when I reinstall my system. But I feel the "save configuration" option is very misleading - I thought it was already doing the job!

Thank you,

Sorry but you have mistaken this option.
When you are in the actions dialog, Utils > Save configuration saves the selection status of all actions so you can quickly switch a bunch of actions on and of.

The real backup function is in the main menu "File > Save configuration"