Mulitple breaklines [Enters] not allowed?


Am I correct to say, that it is impossible now to press Enter many times and thus create additional space between blocks of text?

I mean: I can write like that but it will not show up on the preview and on the posted message


I highly recommend following the instructions in the Greetings message sent by @discobot

You'll learn about basic usage of these forums (and get the Certified badge).

Regarding your question: the main way to format posts here is Markdown. You can do the Tutorial at to get some basic understanding of formatting options.

And yes — you're correct: if you really need those extra lines (which should happen quite rarely), you can use Hard Line Breaks.


Well, I do not understand the "Reply with a link on a line by itself" part in the message following it. I do not think I completely understand the "link on a line by itself", as English is not my native language. Does this means just a hyperlink- and that is hyperlink and not quotation of hyperlink?

The bot wants me to reply to him with a message, content of which will be only one of the links provided by him? To do that I must press Reply and then paste a manually copied link, as pressing just RMB does nothing for me

[And if the message would have said at the end "And now follow these instructions to learn how to use this forum" then I would most likely did it on my own. But that is just me and my personality, as I apparently I need a clear authoritative message and not just some invitation that mentions a potential virtual prize, especially as I despise all that gamification of life]


I could make a lame joke that now I need to memorize only 624 examples in order to make more space between blocks of text. Or a remark on how I need to learn new Markdown values as I cannot use those from HTML. But I think I will keep it that kind of a comment to myself, as I do not want the @discobot to start sending messages saying: DESTROY ALL HUMANS - START WITH Zerow

I did finish that Markdown tutorial; and bookmarked your post so that I will have a link to it for further reference. One the one hand it is neat and simple, not probably not so hard to remember with practice. But on the other hand it does something I do not like- automatic formatting. In my LibreOffice I have all the automatic correction and formatting turned off; and always had, also in Microsoft Office

And also, as a digression, whatever I publish something on the Internet I first write down it as an e-mail and store it in drafts of Thunderbird. That way I can polish it, do it way before I log on and have a copy of it if something goes wrong. With Markdown running the show I cannot really see how it will look; although the same could be said about the previous forum


@Zerow provides a cool all-in-one example of markdown usage (the default text). Source code on the left, result on the right.


It just means you should have only one link per line, no more. If you do it like this, a preview of the link contents will appear.

Wrong: blahblah

Wrong: blahblah moreblahblah


I understand the confusion as it doesn't tell you if you should reply with 1 link in 1 line or reply all three links in three lines. Sounds like 3 links on 1 line which is exactly wrong.


I figured it out by myself; shame on me for reporting this

But I report something else: I was not able to satisfy the @discobot with my images. I sent that unicorn 3 times and that other dog 1 time- and the system did not swallow them

And maybe that is another manifestation of the same problem but if I am not mistaken, I not able to see images, even if I am logged in and reading my own topic. I think I saw that behavior earlier, but today I am sure of it. As in the Can spectrogram lie about audio quality? I had to click to see what @stevehero had posted as images; and then when I replayed [quoting him], those images of his suddenly became visible between the blocks of text. Or maybe that is how it works- you have to click first a link to image, to "paste" it to the text of a post that you are reading?