Multi-art finding source for allcdcovers


allcdcovers is a very nice site with a WIDE range of music cd covers. I have yet to find very many metal artists, but that's what darktown is for. They have pretty much anything else you could want though. I havn't found any cover art smaller than 700x700. They ALWAYS have front, back, and cd cover art as well, which the web source will show you. If you've used my darktown web source, then you know how this one will work as well, if not, let me explain:

This source finds the first occurance of your search and tells you the artist and album, so make sure you read that in order to see if it found your search correctly. Do not select the first entry as it will not return anything. It is just there for you to see what the album and artist is. I would have linked a preview to it, but this site uses DHTML to produce it's previews, it's not actually a link to anything, so I was out of luck there.

I would suggest using the save feature to save the cover art to the directory especially since this site uses dynamic hash codes for it's picture links. If you wait too long, the link expires. It is much quicker to just save the art into the current directory then using the Alt+T menu to add the art manually. I made this specifically for those who want front, back, and cd art though. If you're just interested in the front cover, you should use another source which gives you a more accurate list.

[One Bug]
I've only encountered this once, but I should mention it anyway. If the art is actually REALLY HUGE (They have enormous scans on this site), it might time out when the source fetches the picture and when this happens it displays nothing. Generally if a picture is THAT big it shouldn't be attached haha - in my opinion. Thankfully the majority are usually less than 1000x1000. I honestly don't know why anyone would want a 1500x1500 cover art, that's just incredibly excessive. You can always just hit the preview button, then click the download link.

I had forgotten to remove the debug line in the previous source, so please, if you've still got the previous version, please download this one. I'm sorry about that. (543 Bytes) (543 Bytes)