Multi-art finding source for darktown

I created this source because I like to put multiple art files into my collection....just because. The usual front, inlay, cd, back, etc...

Sadly mp3tag doesn't support appending the images so it's easier just to save them right into the folder where your mp3's are, then using [Alt+T] to enter them in manually. This is much easier than browsing any site for the cover art, i've found.

Now, as you'll see, i've organized it in such a way that it displays the "artist, album". If you hit ok while selected on this, nothing happens, BUT if you press preview it will use darktown's preview function to view the art attached to that artist and album which I think is nifty for quickly viewing if the source produced the correct album.

Anyway, have fun with it and let me know of any bugs since I created this on the fly...
Darktown_Covers__Multicover_.src (946 Bytes)

Darktown_Covers__Multicover_.src (946 Bytes)