multi disc albums, track numbers 101,201, 301 etc

sorry if such a dumb question, but I have looked and can't figure out how to change my track numbers to 3 digits. So a 2 disc album would be:

disc 1:
101 Stripped [Single Version].mp3
102 A Question Of Lust [Single Version].mp3
103 A Question Of Time [Remix].mp3
110 World In My Eyes [Single Version].mp3


disc 2:
201 I Feel You [Album Version].mp3
202 Walking In My Shoes [Single Version].mp3
203 Condemnation [Paris Mix].mp3

disc 3:
301 Rush [Wild Planet Mix].mp3
302 Enjoy The Silence [The Quad Final Mix].mp3
303 World In My Eyes [Safar Mix].mp3


What have you got in your tags?
Have you filled DISCNUMBER and TRACK?
Then you may use an action of the type "Format value" for TRACK:
Format string: %discnumber%$num(%track%,2)
(no space character included)

Or you use the track numbering wizard for each CD but set as starting value 101 for the first disc, 201 for the second, 301 for the third etc.

Did you not see the Autonumbering wizard?
Tools - Autonumberring wizard

Just mark the files from a disk an invoke the wizard.
Enter 101 (or 201 or 301 ...) in "begin at tracknumer".

awesome... that's what I was missing! thanks so much Mate. cheers!