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Hello, all

Is there a way of removing a string from a track's title on multiple files in one go?

Yes. Depending on your actual need, you could use Convert > Tag - Tag or Actions (Format value, Guess values, Replace or Replace with regular expressions ) and then $replace(), $left() or $regexp() or applicable.

PS: This has been asked a lot before, so you will likely find relevant threads with the forum search.

Most of the functions supplied by MP3tag work on all the selected files.

Thanks for the replies. How would I go about removing strings such as the following

(Original Mix)
(Extended Mix)
(Feat. Name)

The Last one would be more complex as the names change


Depending on where you find those strings, you could replace everything inside parenthesis with nothing, e.g.
Replace with regular expression for TITLE
Search string: (.*) \(.*\)
Replace with: $1
Removes the string in parenthesis if it is at the end

That's fantastic! But some info in parentheses I need to keep, such as (Sasha Remix) or similar.

Thanks again!

Then you would have to find a suitable filter or select the files manually so that only those get treated that really need to.
If there is no pattern but you need to replace string constants, then use an action of the type plain "Replace" for the field
Search string (e.g.): (Original Mix)
(don't forget the leading blank)
Replace string:
(leave empty)
You would have to repeat that action for every word combination that you want to remove.

Brilliant, thanks very much

So how could i do this for my (Feat. Name) situation?

Use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for the field
Search string: \(feat.*\)
Replace with:
(leave empty)

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You're a legend, thanks!

How can I remove the trailing ' feat. name' from the artist field?

you mean "without parenthesis"?
Use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for ARTIST
Search string: feat.*
Replace with:
(leave empty)

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That's it. Thanks again. Very happy now

Unfortunately, that didn't work :frowning:
Any other ideas?

What didn't work?
A real life string would be nice, esp. one where "it" did not work.

Removing feat. name from the following ARTIST field

Smith & Pledger feat. Carrie Skipper

Using Replace with Regular Expression - Artist - Search string: feat.*

Don't know what should be wrong:
$regexp('Smith & Pledger feat. Carrie Skipper',feat.*,) -> Smith & Pledger

I must be doing something wrong...? It just doesn't work

I just typed in one of my test files:
Firedance (feat. Sidartha Siliceo) [M.O.S. Remix]
and then I tested my expression in Convert>Tag-Tag (which you could do also):
Field: TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%title%, \(.*\),)
Result: Firedance [M.O.S. Remix]

If the title does not change although the preview shows that everything should be OK, check if the file has APE tags and what the settings are in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
Do you happen to read APE tags but you don't write them?

Don't use the words "Search String:" but only the regular expression itself.


This worked THANK YOU!!!