Multi-folder Export?


I have used some great exports created by Dano and Milka for my MP3's. Now I have many folders of Mp3's listed by Artistist then inside by Album. They all have an individual web page for each album.

I would like to know now if there is a Multi-folder Export available to generate an HTML Index page of all my music folders? Or does any one know of a application that will create an Index? I looked on Google and the only thing I came up with was Easy Index Generator (It's sort of like a site map generator). But the application isnt reliable and the results cannot be duplicated every time that I run and generate the Index.

Preferably I would like to create a web page Index that would show thumbnails like a program like Arles Image Web Page Creator does. I would like it to show each Artist then use a thumbnail of the album cover for each Album or CD I have inside the Artist folder.

The problem I have with Arles Image Web Page Creator is that it snags the first picture it comes across and I cannot automate and select the file I would like, which is cover.jpg unless I do this manually for every folder. Needless to say this would take hours or days to complete manually. So I am after something that would automate the process.

I tried using html_milka_album_list found here:


But I get an error: $filename() is missing its parameter list

Ok I was able to edit the export to get rid of the error. What I did was remove the $replace after $filename.

I may be able to use this export after I modify it a bit :slight_smile:


Using the file above made by Milka. I need help as I found that if an artist for example: Aerosmith, has an album named Aerosmith it doesnt show up in the list after the script has been run. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?

I have found that if I rename the folder structure the album will get listed but then the links that are generated are not correct.

Original file structure:

-Draw The Line

Modified file structure: (I removed the h at the end)

-Draw The Line

Obviously something needs to be changed in the script but I am not smart enough to figure out what...


Ok I figured it out! There is an updated posting of Milka's Script. But now I dont remember where I found it!?