Multi-folder local image auto-tagging

My music is set up in that a single folder and all its sub-folders is one album, within the folder there is music files and one or more local images which I wish to auto-tag as cover for all the song within the local folder.

to visualize:


pic1.jpg will be the cover art for all songs in A
pic2.jpg will be the cover art for all songs in B
If more than one pic, autoselect the first image in Ascending Name sort

I have hundreds of folders set up in format like this and wish to automate cover art tagging as described, is this possible with mp3tag?

Thank you.

I think I am pretty close

C:\Users\D\Desktop\vv\ %_directory%\ (?).jpg

The only hindrance now is how to write a format string that points to a jpg or png datatype file without designated file name.

Some sort of clever regex? Does regex even work in format string?

Try an action of the type "Import cover from file" with
Format string: *.jpg

It works. Thank you.