Multi-line comment box

Thank you for providing such a wonderful and useful product (and at such a reasonable price . . . ). One minor suggestion for future release: I store a lot of information in the comment tag (multi-performers, notes, etc). It would be helpful if that could be displayed in the tag panel as a multi-line text box, so that I can size it and see everything that's in it all at once, rather than just the first 50 characters or so.

Perhaps you may use the extended tags dialogue (press Alt-T) as a workaround for the time being.
A double-click on e.g. comment opens a freely resizable dialogue box.
(Yes, I have seen that your suggestion aims at the tag panel... but as the tag panel is rather packed with other additional information a larger comment box may spoil that purpose. And there are other fields like unsyncedlyrics, subtitle that could raise the same desires ... where should one stop ...?)

Though the program is nearly perfect as is, I think adding a multi-line comment box would be a useful addition. To address your concerns, the tag panel allows one to optionally select which fields to include and exclude, and which to show as multi-line. Unfortunately comment is not one of them! But if it were added, then space would NOT be an issue, since it could default to single line, or to not showing, and the user could then change the setting in preferences to have it display in the tag panel (as multi-line, single-line, or not at all).

Alt-T is helpful for checking on one item, but for browsing through multiple items, it is a pain to press alt-T (or double-click) on every individual item, rather than just looking over at the comments box as you browse.

For many of us, there are severe limitations in the other tags available; for example, AAC/quicktime has no tag for performers, and does not allow multiple items on any field. Therefore comments is one place where a lot of that information can go.

The comments tag is unlike other tags since it is a catchall for user-designated information.

P.S. Multi-line should also be an option for title, since that can be quite long also. If I am not mistaken, I believe the options for tag panel excludes only the default fields from multi-line box option selection (i.e. they can't be removed so can't be "added" again to tag panel, so also can't be added as multi-line)--that may merely have been an oversight.

+1 for more freedom in the arangement of the tag-panel.

Being able to select the standard fields as multiline would be good, especially for COMMENT.

It would also be good to be able to arange costum field in one line as YEAR, TRACK and GENRE are arranged.
I would like to display more fields in the tag panel but I run out of place there. That's a pitty because if have there fields like DISCNUMBER and SOURCE wich never have more than 5 characters but need a full line.

I found a trick to achieve this here:
Suggestion for Genres

Go to %appdata%\Mp3tag\data and open usrfields.ini
Add this to the file:



The numbers in [#..] must be running from 0 upward through the document. "9" is just a example.
The normal comment field will be still there, but it stops working.

More freedom in the tag panel would be great, though. Especially the limtitaion that, if you move the tag panel at the upper instead to the left border, it can show the fields only in three columns (with a fourth for the album cover). I have free space at the right side of the panel which I can't use. Instead, new fields are added below the third column, which I can only use when i use the scroll bar.

Have a look at the screenshot:

Hmm, there is a thread in the german forum area, maybe useful to know ...
Genre - Standard (Vorgaben) ändern


+1 for this.

As I have a 32inch monitor it would be a useful UI feature.

Dear members,

I am user of mp3tag about 5 years and I'm very satisfied with this extraordinary piece of software.

I find the solution and it works fine to me:

  1. open folder where files are
  2. press Alt+T
  3. put mouse in a COMMENT field
  4. click on "Edit field..." (it is at the right)
  5. put mouse at the end of line in comment field
  6. finally press Ctrl+Enter

regards to all :music:

Excellent tip, can also right-click on the highlighted tracks then click Extended Tags to bring up the metadata editing panel.

Damn, all of these years I've been using mp3tag and I didn't know the Ctrl+Enter trick. Thanks!