Multi-line field options

New to using mp3tag, so please forgive me if this is obvious but I cannot find a way to make any of the tag panel fields multi-line. Like for lyrics I would like to have more than one line. I can see that this exists for the windows versions but maybe it is not a feature available on the Mac version yet? Or is it because the field is a list? How do I change this? Furthermore, is there a way to have multiple tag panels that I can switch to so that I could see all the lyrics at once instead of having to scroll down in a small field or box?

It's not obvious, and even if, perfectly fine to ask!

All of what you've written are feature suggestions for Mp3tag for Mac. Multi-line fields are on my list, multiple tag panels is not planned for the near future.

Thanks for the super quick reply! Good to know that multi-line fields are on your list. The multiple tag panels would be cool, but probably not necessary since there is a popup window for expanded tags. Maybe I should suggest a new window for displaying lyrics that pops up when you click into the lyrics field instead? That way you don't have a lyrics box taking up room in the tag panel. Just a thought. I do a lot of formatting and correcting lyrics. Really enjoying the program so far!