Multiformat Listening Test @ 48 kbps - FINISHED



I would like to announce the launch of my public, multiformat listening test @ 48 kbps.

The encoders featured are:

  • iTunes AAC (96 kbps High Anchor)
  • Ogg Vorbis AoTuV 5 Beta
  • WMA Professional 10
  • Nero HE-AAC May 26 2006
  • WMA Standard 9.2
  • iTunes AAC (48 kbps Low Anchor)
For further information on how to participate, please visit the test announcement page:

The test is scheduled to end on December 8th, 2006.

For those using BitTorrent, statistics are available here:
Please use BT whenever possible.

Thank you!

Sebastian Mares


The much awaited results of the Public, Multiformat Listening Test @ 48 kbps are ready.

Here is the results page:

Nero is first, followed by Vorbis and WMA Pro. which are tied on second place, WMA Standard is third and loses.

I think this test shows that with modern encoders, the quality at 48 kbps is acceptable and should be good enough for Internet streaming or portable use with cell phones for example. It's also interesting to see that WMA Professional perfomed quite well although it was the only contender that used CBR.