Multiline Comment Field Height

The added flexibility for the Tag Panel in 2.91e is really great. However, the "multiline" height option is not working as I would expect. Too many lines are shown after specifying more than one line via Options>Tag Panel>Edit. This makes the text box height much greater than expected or needed. For example, specifying two lines for the Comment field shows four lines of height. I would expect to see the scroll button when more than two lines are entered but it does not appear until more than four lines are entered. See the attached screen shots. Specifying three lines actually shows seven lines of height, and so on. I see this effect on both Windows 7 Home and Professional.



It took a little experimentation when I initially tried the feature and I found the Rows refers to the number of equivalent field heights. Eg: 2 = two single line field heights, rather than text lines in the multiline field itself.

This allows the multiline field to align with other fields, though I can see how when arranged vertically it would be less obvious.


Yes, this is exactly how the feature is intented. It's not Lines but Rows.

Lauren and Florian, thank you for your clarifications. Yes, I misunderstood what constitutes a row in this context. However, my original problem remains: in a multiline box how can I show only two or three lines of text without scrolling? Currently, that is not possible. The box can show one line or four lines or seven. Two lines would be more useful to me because my tag panel is crowded and because I rarely add more than two lines of comments.

I don't care if the height of this control differs from its neighbors because in my case its width will always be the full width allowed by the panel. My guess is that most people who choose the multiline option will also use the full width available, since that minimizes the need to use the scroll button. So I suggest allowing the multiline rows property to correspond to the text lines allowed without scrolling. That would give users better control over text box height with minimal side effects. Please consider this as a future improvement, if it is possible.