multiline field delimiter

I'm new to mp3tag and tagging. At the moment I try to decide on a tagging method for my music files.
While thinking about tag layout I stumbeld about the multiline tag field and I wonder how to separate values into different tags.
With a list of artist like this: artist1, artist2, artist3... in the artist field,
it should be easy to separate the artists in multivalue fields, as the "," is the delimiter, but how could I do it with multiline fields, where there seems to be now visible delimiter?


Another queistion would be, if and how player/music library software displays multiline fields. I wonder if to use them at all or just use list fields?

I hope anyone can help me.
Last item in the list.

line breaks in Windows are two characters long chr(10) + Chr(13)

That depends ENTIRELY on the player you are using.


==> multivalue tag field


Thank you for your fast answers!
I looked around in the forum and the help files, but I didn't recognize it. But I have to admit, that regular expressions are still a mystery to me and my brain shuts down seeing the :slight_smile:

So I think i would have to use DetlevDs

in an action "replace with regular expression" and there in the line "regular expression"

but Chris Hirst i have no idea, how to put the $meta_sep(x,sep) from the scripting help that you indicated into an action.
I believe I understand that it transforms a multiline filed in a list separated by my chosen seperator (sep). But how do I use it in an action?

For the player, I use foobar on my pc, but so far without any configuration of the interface and columns. And I use squeezebox (so far only as radio) but I want to play my music over the network with it. And it is the reason I started investigating the hole tag buisiness. On my pc with foorbar i only navigate by folders, so far without using tags.
I don't even know if squeezebox can display multiline tagfileds.

The reason for my initial question was, that don't want to choose a tag format, which i can't use later and even worse, don't know how to transform to adapted to future necessities.

Thanks again!

By the way DetlevD I'm from Wuppertal, too. But not living there at the moment.

You can use the given $regexp() scripting expression as is, in the action "Format value".

The world is so small ... :rolleyes: