Multiple Action Batch?


I have mp3tag all setup to what I want it to do, and I was wondering if I could somehow incorporate several "actions" into one button. My workflow is an follows:

  • Import mp3's
  • Query against Amazon
  • Autonumber
  • Run several custom actions
  • Tag - Filename
  • Export to custom configuration

I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow automate this process with one button, or something like that?


  • Import mp3's -> yes, if you set a default folder and that is filled with the files.
  • Query against Amazon -> no, not as action
  • Autonumber -> no, not as action
  • Run several custom actions -> aahm, yes..
  • Tag - Filename -> yes, this an action of the type format tag-field for %_filename%
  • Export to custom configuration -> what is that?


I export the tags to a custom ASP file, which I then import into a database when I am done.

What I meant was, is there something I can do to run all the above in sequence with 1 click? I don't think there is, but I just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:


Maybe you can use a keyboard and mouse macro recorder tool to send simulated keystrokes and mouse clicks to the Mp3tag application.
There are several tools available ...