Multiple Actions in one go

I've just started researching this in the Forum, but wanted to ask if I was on the right path before going too far.

I would like to process a number of actions on my music database, album by album, say. So, for instance:

Task 1 : Set track numbers using Autonumbering wizard
Task 2 : Remove leading numbers/spaces in track titles
Task 3 : Create new track titles with the format Track No - Title

etc etc.

Actions can be created for each of these. Can they then be combined into one master Action, where Task 1 is done, followed by 2, 3 etc?



There are several approaches possible:

If you create an action, you actually create a container, an action group as in the action group you may add (almost) as many single actions as you like. They then get executed in the sequence in the action group.

Back in the Actions dialogue, you can select with a tick in the check box those action groups that you want to have executed if you click OK. They also get executed from top to bottom. You may chance the sequence with the arrow buttons next to the list of actions.

And then there the Actions (Quick) which allow you to define and execute one action.

Just one remark on your list: the autonumbering wizard is not available in actions.

But you can build your own action for this, e.g:
Format Value "Track": $num(%_counter%,2)/$num(%_total_files%,2)

it does not reset when it crosses a folder boundary, though. For a single folder it is fine.

Thanks for both all posts, I appreciate the pointers!

Sounds like I can do what I want ie, build up in modules (separate actions) until I'm happy, then combine into one Action Group etc.

If I work one album at a time, the track numbering won't be an issue, but that part seems so solid I can apply it to many albums before getting into the individual detail and the master Action Group.