Multiple Actions need to be done, please help :D

First of all, let me introduce myself. i'm cut from Indonesia. so sorry if my english is not too good :smiley:

i've been used mp3tag 3 years until now. and its very useful. i think its the best software to organize my song collections.

Until yesterday, since i read many threads from this forum. i just realized that so many things that mp3tag could do more for me to make my life easier. but i just don't know yet how to do all of that. i'm trying to understand scripting from reading this forum and help contents. but maybe i'm not to good in this thing.

ok skip the prolog. ive been wondering is it posibble to do few things.

  1. i have a custom action that make my artist name to be albumartist automatically.

formatvalue >> albumartist
format string >> %artist%

but when i add it to iTunes i have to delete albumartist just to songs in compilation album. so when it creates folder its more organized.

so ive been trying to automatically delete albumartist just for the compilation album (which is compilation:1) without delete the other albumartist. with this action, but doesnt work:

action type: format value
field : %albumartist%
format string : $if(%compilation%,$replace(%albumartist%,(.),),($replace(%albumartist%,(.),%artist%)))

actually i dont really know what is (.*) mean, but i'm just trying from what i feel right :smiley:

  1. The second is is it possible to format the grouping field automatically to something like BR if my bitrate's song is under 128 Kbps.

I want to make it like this.

Name : Hackensack.mp3
bitrate : 96Kbps
Group : BR
so mp3tag will auto recognize my files and just give the group BR for the under standard bitrate songs. :smiley:

I'm sorry if my english is too abstract. :unsure:
Please help :smiley:
thank you

Note : i dont know if its true or not. but i think SUBTITLE in mp3tag is same with Description in iTunes.

. means any character

  • means reapeated any number of times or zero
    .* in comibnation without other characters is just everything from begin to end.
    () would be for reference if you to use the text inside. it's not necessary here

you have to use $regexp instead of $replace here

your string:

you have additional parentheses () in your string from which i don't know if they are deliberate. they put the artist name in parenthesis if it is no compilation.

I wonder why you want to delete ALBUMARTIST for compilation. They are very usefull there and as far as I know itunes can deal with them.

Action: Format Value
Field: GROUP
Formatstring: $ifgreater(%_bitrate%,127,%group%,BR)

You don't need regex here. This should do it:

Format string: $if(%compilation%,,%artist%)

Thank you very much pone and dano, it works great :smiley:

its very useful for me. i appreciate it :rolleyes:

i want to delete my ALBUMARTIST because i'm using iTunes to create folder automatically when i add any songs into library. And when ALBUMARTIST still there iTunes will create folder based on the name of ALBUMARTIST. what i want is album compilation with various artist in one folder. so i want to delete it :smiley:

so why don't you call the %albumartist% "various artists"?
but you can do that as you like, of course.
glad to help you.