Multiple Album covers for each tune

Here is exactly what I'm doing. I am converting all CD's to FLAC.. Over 90% of CD's are of 50's-60's various artists. I am using the album art function to enter and display (in DOPAMINE) Images of the original 45's. I have noticed that I can add more than one image to the MP#Tag album cover and it even counts it for me as 1 of 2, 2 of 2, Etc.. but i have found no way to get the multiple album art entries to Dopamine. I will only display one image.I would like to display multiple images (for a short length of time) for each 45 label that the tune was on. If you don't understand try: Every Beat Of My Heart by Gladys Knight and Pips. It was on Vee-Jay record label, then on ERIC record Label and also on Fury Record Label, I would like to have each image displayed on Dopamine for a short time.
Any help would be appreciated!!!

Looks a lot like a problem of the target player. So I would ask the people over there at Dopamine (?!) what to do.
I hardly know any player that shuffles through a set of embedded covers. iTunes will at least show more than one, but you have to click through it. WMP does not care.