multiple album covers for itunes

hi people,on the win media center there are the album covers,OK,when i go to any music,it show the cover art of that music,so i have an art for the album and other for the music,but in Itunes,no,my "albumartsmall.jpg" in the same folder dosen't work,so the album covers are the art from the first music,but i want to make it like win media center,can i do it with two albums arts in the same mp3?
i tried,but i don't know the type of cover art,front cover,back cover,other,icon etc...
is it possible? what is the right type?
thanks ;D
sorry bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

As far a s I know does iTunes always display the first picture in a file as albumart, regardless of the type.
As iTunes only relies on the pictures stored inside the mp3s and does not know the mechanism or folder.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg it is up to you to arrange the pictures inside the file in an appropriate way.
So if you put the general picture as first picture into the first file of an album and all the other files get the other picture as first picture you might get the general picture as album cover in the coverflow - the other pictures will be shown if you select one of the following files.

I am still wondering which albums have two completely different motives as cover at the same time.

sorry i don't put the right words,is like this :
1 "album" cover: (all lady gaga's song have a different one of this)
2 album cover: (all lady gaga's music have this one)

thats what i mean :slight_smile: