Multiple albums?

Hi, I tried to check if anyone asked something similar but got no luck.

I was wondering if it's possible to include more than one album in the album tag.

For example: I have a song that is in the album "Greatest Hits by Artist X (2009)" and in the album "Best dance songs of the last decade". Can I include those 2 albums, as separate albums, in the album tag?
That way, when I list the mp3 songs I have from the album "Greatest Hits by Artist X (2009)" and from the album "Best dance songs of the last decade", the same file would be listed in both search queries.

Thanks in advance. Greetings!

Use Multivalue Tags.
When you split a tag field with \\ it gets seperated into two fields. In your example:
"Greatest Hits by Artist X\\Best dance songs of the last decade"

But not every mediaplayer supports multivalue tags. Some only display the first value.

Hey, thanks for answering.

I just tried and Winamp takes it as if it were only one field, with both names (i.e. the album name is "Blah blah\\Bleh bleh").
Anyway, I'll try with another player once I get one and see.

Thanks a a lot! :slight_smile:

i recommend foobar 2000