Multiple artists are not showing up in any player. How to fix it?

I have 5 songs from a artist called Au5 but 2 songs have multiple artists Au5 and Prismatic

When I move these 5 songs to my phone. I only find 1 artist "Au5" and Inside Au5 I find 5 songs.

I'm using Samsung Music, Pulsar Pro & Eon Pro Players. None of these player are showing that 2nd artist.

So how can I tag properly?

I mean, I want that the player will show those two artist separately on Artist Tab. So that when I play Au5, it will play 5 songs and when I play Prismatic, It will play only those 2 songs.

Please view the screenshots for better understanding.

So it is a problem of the player, right?
Apparently your player cannot cope with multi-value fields - so it may be an idea to merge these fields and separate the individual parts by "semicolon blank" (there is an action for that) so that you have "Au5; Prismatic" in a single ARTIST field - at least this is something that WMP uses to separate the display in a way that you described.
iTunes on the other hand simply shows the bare contents of artist.
So it is really down to the features of the player.

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In general support for multi-value support for the artist tag is very poor. Most players expect only a single value here. So unless you use a player explicitly supporting this your best option is indeed to join the artists into a single value.

One advantage at least is that with this approach you can have more complex description of the artists, such as "Artist A and Artist B feat. C".

There is also a possible hybrid approach. E.g. Kodi supports a separate "artists" tag ("TXXX: ARTISTS" for ID3) which is supposed to be a multi-value field with all the artists. The normal artist tag then still can show a more descriptive text.