Multiple Artists from WMP10

Hallo all,

I recently used Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 to update the tags on some 2,000+ mp3 files. One of the great features about WMP10 is that when you list multiple artists using a semicolon as a delimeter, you can find the song under each artist listed (contributing artist).

Unfortunately WMP10 is junk for actual file name management, and I'm looking to use Mp3tag to rename the files based on some of the tag info. When it reads the files, it changes the semicolons to / forward slashes, which when saved in Mp3tag wipes out the above 'multiple artists' feature.

Aside from doing the conversion and then running another conversion to replace / with ;, is there a way to preserve the semicolon from the getgo?


I don't think that Mp3tag auto-replaces these semicolons, but lists the multiple artist fields delimited by a backslash. This way you can save multiple tag fields of an item.

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~ Florian