multiple artists in vorbis comment (flac file)

Hi, I just downloaded flac files of some Bach music that the Czech Radio has very kindly made publicly available; check this out if you are interested too:

The sole defect that I can see with their files is that they did zero tagging. I would like to send them an email telling them how I tagged their files, to hopefully educate them.

The sole issue that I am struggling with is how to deal with multiple artists (performers in this case) in vorbis comments.

If you look at this pdf file that they provide to describe the album
you can see that there are many performers named for each track.

For instance, tracks 1-4 should have this as the value:

soli Dagmar Valentová - violino piccolo Martin Stadler ▪ Marek Niewiedzial ▪Tereza Pavelková - oboe Kryštof Lada - bassoon Václav Luks ▪ Miroslav Rovenský - French horn tutti Simona Tydlitátová ▪ Eleonora Machová ▪ Helena Zemanová ▪ Martin Kalista ▪ Adéla Štajnochrová ▪ Markéta Knittlová - violin Lýdie Cillerová ▪ František Kuncl - viola Marek Štryncl ▪ Hana Fleková - cello Ondřej Štajnochr - double bass Sebastian Knebel, - harpsichord

How can I stick text like that in the Artist vorbis comment using mp3tag (am using the latest, 2.39)?

When I copy the text above and paste it, all that appears is the first line, namely, soli.

What happened to the remaining lines? Is this a known issue with mp3tag, or should I report it as a bug?

Note that vorbis comments can contain anything, including new lines, so the problem is not with the text content itself.
This next is probably hopeless, but is there any way to get players to recognize multiple artists/performers? Is there some other universal technique (\\ or / separators, or one artist per line like the above)?

Use View > Extended Tags to add multiline text to a tag field.
With \\ seperator you can create multiple tag fields, but not all players support it.

Many thanks. Using View > Extended Tags (AFTER you have selected some tracks!) did the trick.

Do you mean that the \\ separator creates multiple ARTIST (in this case) tags? I know that vorbis comments support multiple tags with the same name precisely for situations like this. Are many players that standards non-conformant that they do not properly display multiple same-named tags?

Dano, are you one of the mp3tag developers by the way? If so, and if you are open to some feedback, I would like to see some slight improvements in how multi-lined comments are supported. First is how you can input them: I would like to see direct copy of arbitrary text into the tag's textfield. Having to go into an alternate mode like View > Extended Tags > click on the edit icon is slightly awkward and unintuitive. Is there a reason why direct pasting of text with newlines into the textfield is not supported? Like maybe the gui toolkit that you use does not allow newlines to be present in the text either typed or pasted into textfields?

Whats funny is that the gui's textfields DO display multi-lined comment values once they have been input (e.g. by View > Extended Tags): they simply treat the text as if the newlines were absent and concatenate all the lines together. That brings up the second point: I wonder if there is a better way to display multi-lined comments instead of the line munging? I am not entirely sure what to suggest, and maybe you are at the mercy of your gui toolkit here.

What gui toolkit are you using by the way?