Multiple artists on Album artist


I've tried search, but I'm new to MP3Tag and getting myself more and more confused by every thread I read so bear with me fellas :smiley: Let's say I like to add Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music on the Album Artist line (MP3Tag) and then both artists show up on Youtube Music. Is it possible and how do it?

In advance thank you :smiley:

I think that this is not an MP3tag problem but one of your player.
YOu would have to find out what your player supports in respect to separators (Slash, semicolon, backslash) and multi-value-fields.
If you want to start with a multi-value-field, then open the extended tags dialogue for a sample file (press Alt-T) and see if you have a field called ALBUMARTIST. If that is so, then click on New and create another field of the ype ALBUMARTIST and enter the other data. Otherwise, if there is no field, create 2 new fields of the type ALBUMARTIST.

Then import the file into your player and see if it works there.