Multiple Artwork Question

Hi, first time I've posted on here! Is there a way to quickly add multiple artwork to multiple files rather than doing them one at a time? For example, for each album, I download the front, back, disc/media picture, and then any inserts that I deem important. I have to attach each one individually, then right-click to state the type (front, back, media, leaflet, etc.) I was hoping to attach all at once and select the type at once as well.
Thanks much, Israhim.

Just mark all files in the list view for whicht you want the same cover, add it and save.

Thanks, but I mean multiple artworks at the same time, not multiple files at the same time.

This depends a little on how you name the picture files.
If you have names that already carry the type and have another name part that is either a text constant or can be derived from a tag field, then you could setup some actions that import several pictures in one go as an action group.

rubber soul_1
rubber soul_2
where _1 is saved as front and _2 is saved as back cover.
Something like that.

Perfection, thanks so much!